Hi! Welcome to my book review blog!

I’ve loved books ever since I started reading at four years old. It’s just been one of those enjoyeable things that get you out of the stress of life.

One day, I remembered a site my dad had showed me, called WordPress, where you could create a blog. I started researching blogs, and came to the conclusion that I wanted one of my own. But what could it be about?

Originally, very young, I wanted a blog where I can write about animals. But I got over that really quickly. I thought and thought and eventually came up with the idea of a book review site. And so, Books4Life Review was formed.

I enjoy finding books that I like for you guys to read. My goal is to help tweens with no interest reading find out the magic of it all, or parents who want to know about a book before their kid reads it, or even just someone who needs a book.

I am completely kid friendly. Being a tween myself, I don’t buy into all that nonsense. If a kid can’t see it, it shouldn’t be made. (With a few exeptions.)

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! Maybe this will help you find the book you were looking for. 🙂

❤ Maddie (My name)